Annual dinner

This year’s SARS annual dinner is to be held at the Chalk Farm Hotel in Willingdon on Wednesday 9th December at 19:00. On the menu will be:

Main: Special Christmas dinner
Dessert: Either Christmas Pudding with cream/ice cream or a selection of ice cream, followed by a coffee.

This particular venue has been selected due to the inclusion of our own room as part of a reasonable price.

If you and your guests would like to attend, please contact our Chairman or Treasurer to book a place.


( Cash or Cheque for £15 Payable to SARS) This does not apply if you have already paid or made a special  arrangement with the Treasurer.                   Regrettably, it is unlikely that any money can be refunded unless the hotel is given seven days clear notice of cancellations.

Please give this event your full support and remember to pay by the above date!    

His address is:

SARS Treasurer

Mr Richard Sansom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                72 Wannock Lane
Lower Willingdon
East Sussex
BN20 9SQ

The Chalk Farm Hotel’s address is:

Chalk Farm Hotel,
Coopers Hill,
East Sussex,
BN20 9JD

Their website: