The Southdown Amateur Radio Society is a club for anybody interested in amateur radio, with members across the South Downs and even further afield.

We meet on a weekly basis at one of our two radio sites, as well as once a month in our Eastbourne-based club rooms.

We have members interested in everything from CW to modern data mode and participate in many contests each year – you can read more about what we get up to on the blog, or below.

Latest News

144/432MHz Contest & Exercise Blue Ham 19 (15th Feb) by Barry G8DXU
Following a good response from members, SARS will be entering the 24 hour section of the 144/432MHz contest over the weekend of 2-3rd March. This VHF Championship will run from our Beachy Head site starting at 1400 UTC on the Saturday.
Exercise Blue Ham 19 is also scheduled to take place over the weekend of 15-16th March. As on previous occasions this is organised by the countries Air Cadet Forces and some other military groups. Operating on the 60 metre (5MHz) band signal reports and locators are exchanged between amateurs and Cadet stations. Brief military style operating is encouraged in accordance with the Cadets training, giving them an opportunity to gain valuable operating experience under field conditions. An increasing number of Cadets having gained their operating certificates which are roughly equivalent to our Foundation licences. Operation in this exercise is only open to holders of Full Licences. (Other licence classes can operate under supervision)

Members can find more information on our Forum pages.     

Examination Successes! (15th Dec) by Barry G8DXU
On Friday the 14th at our RSGB registered examination centre in Polegate all five members sitting examinations passed.
New callsigns so far received are Foundation:- Samuel M7SPJ, Keith  M7AZA,  Chris M7SOE.
Intermediate                                                    :- Richard 2E0JXU, Andy 2E0TIZ.

The SARS instructors wish to congratulate all of the above students. We look forward to hearing them on-air or using the Societies station during contests etc.