The Southdown Amateur Radio Society is a club for anybody interested in amateur radio, with members across the South Downs and even other countries.

We meet on a weekly basis at one of our two radio sites, as well as once a month in our Eastbourne-based club rooms.

We have members interested in everything from CW to modern data mode and participate in many contests each year – you can read more about what we get up to on the blog, or below.

Latest News

Members Contests / Competition by Barry G8DXU

SARS will be running a series of contests for members to enter. Perhaps initially a Worked All Members contest that permits the use of local repeaters plus HF & VHF frequencies with CW, AM SSB or Data modes.

Members will exchange serial numbers plus report and enter details on a Spreadsheet that will be sent to all members by email. Scores will accumulate over a period with specific dates and times to gain bonus multipliers.

This competition will start within the next two weeks. Please keep an eye on the calendar for announcements. It is proposed to start the Worked ALL Members on GB3ZX. Then progress to Top Band and to gradually work through HF/VHF bands and modes to accumulate contacts with fellow members.

Future meetings postponed due to COVID-19 by Tom 2E0ONX

After careful consideration and in light of the fact that a significant proportion of our membership is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, the Committee has taken the decision to indefinitely postpone all future monthly meetings as well as meetings at the Cafe Continental on Wednesdays, until further notice. Meetings at the club shacks will continue with attendance at the discretion of members.

We hope to be able to reinstate future meeting dates as soon as possible, but in the meantime a special club net is planned, with the following details:

Every Wednesday 14:00 hrs, 70cm GB3ZX (Butts Brow) repeater
Output: 430.825 Mhz
Input: 438.425 MHz (+7.6 MHz)
Input tone: 88.5 Hz

The RSGB have temporarily suspended contest entries from Multi-Operator, Portable / Mobile stations etc. Individual members can still enter contests from their home locations.

Operating the ICOM IC-7300 SDR Transceiver by Barry G8DXU

Steve Sims MSc. G8NFZ completed his presentation on this outstanding radio at the societies AGM on Monday 2nd March. This excellent presentation is a must see for any serious user of the IC-7300. There should be a pdf available on our website shortly. Steve will be pleased to make this presentation to other clubs and societies. Please use the contact form on this website for further information.