The Southdown Amateur Radio Society is a club for anybody interested in amateur radio, with members across the South Downs and even other countries.

We meet on a weekly basis at one of our two radio sites, as well as once a month in our Eastbourne-based club rooms.

We have members interested in everything from CW to modern data mode and participate in many contests each year – you can read more about what we get up to on the blog, or below.

Latest News

40/80m AFS Phone Contest 18th January by Barry G8DXU

Members are reminded that this annual Affiliated Societies contest in on Saturday the 18th of January. Running between 1300-1700 UTC members may enter with their own callsign to add to the SARS score.

There will almost certainly be a team using c/s G1KAR/P at our Beachy Head site  

Beachy Head, Land Rovers 110, 90 & Series One. by Barry G8DXU

There was an unexpected and interesting gathering of Land Rovers on Saturday 26th of October at the societies Beachy Head.Radio Site.   

Pictured from left to right, Defender 110 FFR (Tithonus) 2.5 N/A owned by Barry G8DXU, Defender 90 2.5 N/A owned by Ferg M0SIP, visiting from Wales. Both of these vehicles being 34 years old. Defender 90 300 TDi owned by SARS Treasurer Richard, 2E0JXU with an excellent Series One manufactured in 1948 brought along by Dr Jon M0JAO.

It is recognised that not all members have an interest in Land Rovers but will hopefully appreciate that these vehicles are ideal for amateur radio purposes. The Fitted for Radio (FFR) vehicles have HF and VHF antenna mounts, separate batteries and 2kW alternator.  

As four wheel drive vehicles with low ratio gears and the ability to lock the differential, these are ideal for accessing remote sites for portable and contest operations. The society has an increasing number of members with military vehicles. eg Defender 110 FFR, Defender Wolf FFR, FV432 Armoured personnel carrier, Daimler Ferret Armoured, LR Series One 1949. 

SARS is pleased to offer training for the foundation licence which enables new members to use compliant military radio equipment on amateur frequencies.   



ICOM IC-7300 Transceiver by Barry G8DXU

SARS is pleased to announce that the society has purchased a new ICOM IC-7300 Transceiver. This will be available for use at either of our two shack locations or by groups of members for contests and special events. This advanced technology Software Defined Radio (SDR) covers all bands between 160 metres to 4 metres with SSB, AM, RTTY and CW modes.


Members can reserve this Transceiver for meetings or scheduled events by filling in a form available from the committee. Subject to approval the radio can then be collected from the Chairman or other custodian.