The Southdown Amateur Radio Society is a club for anybody interested in amateur radio, with members across the South Downs and even other countries.

We usually meet on a weekly basis at our Beachy Head radio site, as well as once a month in our Eastbourne-based club rooms.

We have members interested in everything from CW to modern data mode and participate in many contests each year – you can read more about what we get up to on the blog, or below.

Latest News

6th February meeting to be held at Langham Hotel on 6th February by Tom 2E0ONX

Our meeting this evening will instead be held at the Langham Hotel nearby on the seafront, as the ESSC is currently undergoing a rewire that has overrun its original schedule. The meeting will feature a talk by Kevin Gordon on Undersea Cables.

Social Meeting at ESCC on 5th December on 16th November by Barry G8DXU

Our regular society meeting on the 5th of December was a social event hosted at our regular venue, Eastbourne Sovereign Saling Club.

This was well attended with a good selection of food and light refreshments being provided. I believe that this was enjoyed by all of the members who attended.

With a big thanks to Steve G8NFZ and Richard 2E0JXU for organizing the food plus hot and soft drinks.

ANNUAL DINNER Friday 20th January 2023 on 10th November by Barry G8DXU

Members may already be aware that our annual dinner is being planned for Friday 20th of January 2023.

As previous events at the Langham Hotel have been well attended and very enjoyable, we intend to use their facilities again on this occasion also. The dinner will be from 1930. It is hoped that most of our members will attend and bring guests if they so desire. There is a booking form available on the pull-down Tab entitled MEMBERS. Blank fields show the choices of food available for selection.

Payment information is shown at the bottom of the form, with bank transfer being the preferred method. The last chance to book and perhaps, pay by cash will be at ESCC on December 5th at our club meeting.

Monthly Meeting 7th November on 7th November by Tom 2E0ONX

This occasion will be led by Tim M0THM who will be demonstrating knots used for portable masts etc.

There should be an opportunity for members to try their hands at knot tying, practicing the Clove Hitch and Bowline etc. all very useful knots to know in outdoor and everyday circumstances. The session will be an informal one, with plenty of time for refreshments and to catch up with the latest news from fellow members.

New members are always welcome to pop along and have a talk to members and or committee about what SARS does for amateur radio..

Monthly meeting 3rd October on 3rd October by Tom 2E0ONX

This evening’s meeting will feature a talk by Tim M0THM on ropes and knots for antenna rigging – hope to see you there!

Festival Of Transport (Hellingly) on 17th August by Barry G8DXU

This excellent Steam, Agricultural, Commercial and Military Vehicle show will be running over the Bank Holiday Weekend from 27th-29th of August. It is located at Broad Farm near Hellingly and has many Trade stands, static exhibits plus on-site Catering, Refreshments and a Fun Fair.

Whilst again, not an official entry from the society, several members will be exhibiting their Commercial and Military Vehicles. There will be early Series One Land Rovers from 2E0JXU and M0JAO with a working Larkspur, Station Radio C12 from 1955. The Defender 110 Tithonus FFR from G8DXU a full compliment of Clansman radio equipment and a separate static display of Manpacks, as used in the Falklands conflict 40 years ago.

We will probably also display some radio equipment from the WWII era.

Callsign GB2FT has been obtained for working demonstrations of the radio equipment. Please see Calendar for further details. At 1400 (Local) on Saturday and Sunday we will put out calls on the following frequencies. 1976 kHz AM, 28.320 MHz USB and 51.70 MHz FM,

Rural Past Times (RPT) TN31 6JG on 10th August by Barry G8DXU

Whilst not an official SARS entry, several members will be exhibiting vehicles and equipment at this show.

In previous years, RPT ran at the Pestalozzi village, until its closure. And after two years, has now moved to a new site at Monkings Farm, Horns Cross. This mainly agricultural show also features, Commercial and Military displays plus many trade stalls, Bar and entertainments.

Our own Richard 2E0EOX is the organizer for the military exhibits and will be displaying his FV432 being an excellent example of these Tracked Armored vehicles. This is fitted with working Clansman radio equipment. Barry G8DXU and Andy 2E0GNE will be exhibiting a Defender 110 Tithonus FFR, which is fully fitted with Clansman radio kit VRC353, VRC321 / 322. There will be a separate display of Clansman manpack sets PRC320, PRC349, PRC350, PRC351 as used in the Falklands conflict 40 years ago.

We have call GB2RP which will be used during the show for working demonstrations. Some of the frequencies used being 1976 kHz AM/LSB and USB, 28.320 MHz USB and 51.70 FM. Listen out around 1400 (local) on Saturday and Sunday.

Meeting at ESSC Monday 1st August on 25th July by Barry G8DXU

We are very pleased to announce that there will be a presentation at our meeting by Rael Paster M0RTP on

Magnetic Loop Antennas.

Real has much experience in the design and construction of these aerials which are physically small when compared to more conventional systems. When used for transmitting the voltages and circulating currents can be high, which poses an interesting set of considerations. Construction requires some plumbing skills and the use of special capacitors such as vacuum variable types.

Doors open 1930 local time for 2000 start . Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available as usual.

Meeting at ESSC on Monday 4th July on 30th June by Barry G8DXU

There will be a regular meeting at ESSC on Monday 4th July. Doors open 1930 for 2000 start.

This meeting will include a presentation on 999 Emergency Systems by Steve Shorey G3ZPS.

DDRC Bootsale, Sunday 22nd May on 17th May by Barry G8DXU

Three SARS members attended this event, Barry G8DXU, Tim M0THM and David M7BDP looking after the sale of selected items and Transceivers from BHRS . Items that were not sold will probably be offered to members at very attractive prices. (Pending committee approval)

It was also good to see other SARS members attending the show and enjoying the perfect sunny weather. These included John G3SGR, Peter M1BCV and other VMARS members.

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