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From Larkspur to Clansman: Part 4

This instalment continues the series with a look at vehicle harness systems and Rebroadcast operation in more detail. Clansman Fixed Harness System The harness has the following prime functions: – PTT control and Audio path to selected radios for access to radio nets. Intercommunications between vehicle crewmembers and remote operators. Control of rebroadcast facilities. Connection …

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From Larkspur to Clansman: Part 3

Following on from Larkspur to Clansman part 2, we continue with a look at some ofthe accessories used with manpack sets, and Rebroadcast operation. Accessories common to most Clansman sets The compatibility of audio accessories between the various Clansman radios is an important part of the system. The following items can be used with all …

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Clansman VRC353 RT353 How to remove NATO 150Hz Tone

Clansman VRC353, RT353 NATO 150Hz Tone (CTCSS) Adjustment or ELIMINATION.

Clansman IBMU / IBMS Unit Repair.

Part 7 in the series “From Larkspur to Clansman” by G8DXU            Having acquired a large quantity of non working IBMUs the following outlines the author’s experiences in carrying out basic repairs on these units. The excellent article in VMARS signal by Collin Guy describes the general operation and physical construction of this equipment. For those …

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Clansman PSU50A Repair Guide

6th Instalment in the “From Larkspur to Clansman” series This instalment continues this series with an examination of the Power Supply Unit 50 Amp, NSN 5820-99-620-8183. This unit was designed to provide nominal 28V DC from the mains or generator for powering the VRC 322 HF installation or VRC353 VHF Transceiver. The VRC322 consisting of …

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Clansman PRC320 RT320 Repair and Servicing

From Larkspur to Clansman     Part 5b in a series of articles by G8DXU This instalment has now been updated from issue 5a to 5b and continues the series with some general notes on the PRC320 (UK/RT320). Information is provided on servicing and some of the most common problems encountered. RT320 Transceivers cover 1.9-29.999MHz with CW, …

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From Larkspur to Clansman: Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of Larkspur to Clansman, we continue with an overview of the manpack sets and antenna systems used for vehicle installations. The Manpack sets There are principally three manpack sets in the Clansman series that are useful to the radio amateur; these are the RT320 (PRC320) HF Transmitter-Receiver, RT351 (PRC351) and …

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From Larkspur to Clansman: Part 1

This article aims to give an introduction to the British Armies Clansman radio system deployed between 1978-2005 with details of the principle sets of interest to the radio amateur. In order to give a better understanding of the improvements and facilities offered by Clansman some historical background is included. The replacement for the famous Wireless …

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