Top Band net for Members & Guests

Following positive responses on our forum, it is proposed to resurrect these nets. The frequency will be 1976 kHz +/- QRM initially using USB to allow Clansman users to join in with unmodified radios. The first of these nets is now confirmed to be on Saturday 27th from 1400 local time. Non SARS members will be very welcome to join the net.

Control station will initially be G8DXU operating G1KAR/P from Beachy Head. Date and time is confirmed .

New monthly meeting day and location

The Southdown Amateur Radio Society is moving closer to the South Downs!

SARS meetings will now take place on the evenings of the first Friday of each month, commencing on Friday 5th May 2023 at 8pm, at the Old Town Community Centre in Eastbourne.

Please download May’s edition of AirTime, which has now been published, to read all about the move, including further information on address and timings:

At this meeting there will be an introduction to Digital Modes by Tim M0THM and Bob G0UOI. Barry G8DXU will be bringing along some more surplus and silent key items, for sale to members only. This will include several complete VHF and HF transceivers, for spares or repair.

Donated and Silent Key Items.

The society wishes to acknowledge the generosity of individuals and families for their donations of equipment. These have been very gratefully accepted and usually sold to members with 100% of the proceeds going to SARS funds.

Alternatively items have been allocated for the benefit of all users of our Beachy Head Radio Site or where serious repairs are required given to members at no charge. As a last resort electronic and electrical equipment is dismantled or recycled as required.

We normally send a letter of thanks to the families that have made donations but sometimes this may have been overlooked due to lack of contact details etc. For regularity the following individuals or families of, are thanked most sincerely for thinking of the society, when considering their donations. J. Gardiner, B. Garside / Jim M7DNW, Emily / B. Wood,

Regular society meeting at ESSC 3rd April

There will be our usual monthly meeting at the Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club from 1930 local time.

As at the last meeting Barry G8DXU will be bringing along a selection of surplus Silent Key and donated items. These will be offered to members at well below market prices, with all proceeds going to SARS funds. Examples include:- UNIDEN 125XLT £40 and 3600XLT £135 Scanning receivers, both in excellent working order and condition. AOR2000 £35 Scanner GWO, MyDEL G63 UHF Transceiver £14 GWO c.w programming lead & charger (With ZX and simplex Chans_ “As New” BAOFENG BF-H6 £12 Dual Band VGC c/w accessories, Boxed. Mastech Cable tracer £5 VGC with case, LDG RBA 4:1 Balan 100W+ “As new” £10. Moonraker Scanmaster Mag Mount Aerial unused in original packing £6. Members Only! Best Offer!?

6th February meeting to be held at Langham Hotel

Our meeting this evening will instead be held at the Langham Hotel nearby on the seafront, as the ESSC is currently undergoing a rewire that has overrun its original schedule. The meeting will feature a talk by Kevin Gordon on Undersea Cables.

Social Meeting at ESCC on 5th December

Our regular society meeting on the 5th of December was a social event hosted at our regular venue, Eastbourne Sovereign Saling Club.

This was well attended with a good selection of food and light refreshments being provided. I believe that this was enjoyed by all of the members who attended.

With a big thanks to Steve G8NFZ and Richard 2E0JXU for organizing the food plus hot and soft drinks.

ANNUAL DINNER Friday 20th January 2023

Members may already be aware that our annual dinner is being planned for Friday 20th of January 2023.

As previous events at the Langham Hotel have been well attended and very enjoyable, we intend to use their facilities again on this occasion also. The dinner will be from 1930. It is hoped that most of our members will attend and bring guests if they so desire. There is a booking form available on the pull-down Tab entitled MEMBERS. Blank fields show the choices of food available for selection.

Payment information is shown at the bottom of the form, with bank transfer being the preferred method. The last chance to book and perhaps, pay by cash will be at ESCC on December 5th at our club meeting.

Monthly Meeting 7th November

This occasion will be led by Tim M0THM who will be demonstrating knots used for portable masts etc.

There should be an opportunity for members to try their hands at knot tying, practicing the Clove Hitch and Bowline etc. all very useful knots to know in outdoor and everyday circumstances. The session will be an informal one, with plenty of time for refreshments and to catch up with the latest news from fellow members.

New members are always welcome to pop along and have a talk to members and or committee about what SARS does for amateur radio..

Monthly meeting 3rd October

This evening’s meeting will feature a talk by Tim M0THM on ropes and knots for antenna rigging – hope to see you there!

Sale of Surplus & S/Key Items PHASE 2

The society has a quantity of radio and related items that are now surplus to requirements. All proceeds from these sales will go directly to SARS funds. The purpose of these sales are to provide additional capital which will be used to finance new materials and equipment for use at our Beachy Head Radio Site. This facility is currently being improved, in order to be more useful and attractive to all of our members. Those wishing to operate at a well equipped site for Contests, Training, Nets or just regular Amateur Radio communications will enjoy a great site with very low RF noise.

All listed items are surplus and or old equipment that has been tested only to the extent indicated. It is all offered for sale without further guarantee. Old electrical and electronic items may develop faults at any time due to component failure or gradually operating causes, some items may need to be repaired or serviced but are all priced accordingly. Mains powered items have PASSED PAT tests at the time of inspection. It is however, recommended that these are carefully examined by a qualified person before use.

LIST of Items for SALE Remaining Items for sale to members only.

YAESU FT-707 HF Transceiver 10W version. £98.00

Rx appears OK 0.36uV for 12dB SINAD on USB at 14.320 MHz, Tx 7.7W (single tone modulation). frequency +145 Hz at above frequency. USB Tx O/P 12.7 W at 3.700 MHz, 13.3W at 28.70 MHz AM, 1.43 W USB.

This is a great radio for any member who wants to get on HF. With 10W o/p it is especially suitable for foundation lincencees.

c/w non OEM Hand Mic and Power Lead. With photocopy of Instructions & Manual in document wallets.


TRIO TR-751E ALL Mode 2m Transceiver c/w Manual £ 40.00

FM Tx appears OK 25.1W @ 145.50 MHz Rx SQ Opens at >0.92uV emf and AF O/P OK, but no noise or change of threshold on adjusting Squelch Control. USB Tx appears OK but no SSB Audio O/P, probably due to Squelch problem. Supplied c/w Mic (Up/Down Keys) DC Power lead and Instruction Manual with circuits.

TR-751E Serial No.7110242

ICOM IC-3200E 2m + 70cm FM Transceiver SPARES or REPAIR Reduced to Clear £ 20.00

UHF Tx and Rx appears OK, VHF Rx Ok but RF power output very low c/w DC Power lead. NO Microphone.


MALDEN Electronics HS-320 Digital Counter LED SPARES or REPAIR Free to first taker.

REEL of RG58C/U 50 OHM Co-Axial Cable. RS Components 388-338 Approx 98 metres ? £25.00

Tinned Copper Stranded, On original reel AS NEW with clear polythene wrapping. (New price >£150)

YAESU FT-77 HF Transceiver Good Used Condition, c/w Manual SPARES/REPAIR Only £60.00

No rubber covering on tuning knob. Powers Up and receives with good sensitivity but frequency display is unstable varying by perhaps +/- 2kHz or so. Frequency also needs adjustment by about 4-20kHz depending upon band. Sensitivity is sometimes intermittent, perhaps Band Pass relay contacts) Tx not tested at this time due to no mic.

FT-77 Serial No.Missing

YAESU FF-501 Dx. (52 OHM) Low Low Filter Fair Condition. Untested. £6.00

Traveler DC 120

ADONIS AM-503 Compressor Microphone Fair Used condition. 8 Pin Plug Untested £15.00

More items may be added, please check this listing regularly for. updates. SARS members will now receive 25% discount on all of the final sale prices.

Buyers are welcome to inspect goods before purchase for which any sale will be final.

Payment by CASH Only at time of collecting purchased items.

Prices too high? Make us a sensible offer!

For more information and to purchase items, please use the contact form. Members can message me by using the Forum thread. Barry G8DXU