Forthcoming meeting on 6th Dec cancelled

In view of the rising rate of COVID-19 cases and especially the Delta / Omicron variants, the SARS committee have now made the difficult decision to cancel the forthcoming physical meeting scheduled for 6th December. We will be reviewing this situation early in the New Year and hope that normal meetings can be resumed as soon as practical. Members are requested to keep an eye on these postings for any further updates.

With many thanks to our members for their anticipated understanding of the above situation.

AFS Contests etc.

Members of SARS continue to play an active role in the AFS series of contests. Our most recent entry was in the 160 metre Club Calls (Phone) contest on Saturday 13th of November. We gained 48 contacts duiring this event using the club callsign GX1KAR/P.

Equipment used for this event was the society’s IC-7300 and a Half wave Dipole from our radio site at Beachy Head.

The next contest in the AFS series is the 144 MHz SSB on Sunday 5th of December from 1000-1400 UTC. We are always pleased to contact any stations either members or fellow amateurs who wish to give us a call.

Festival of Transport (FOT) Hellingly

This event ran over the August Bank Holiday weekend 28-30th inclusive, the FOT is a large annual display of vintage vehicles and static exhibits. Six SARS members and the family of one member camped on site over the entire weekend. We displayed several Land Rovers from 1948-1985 and a Daimler Ferret Armoured Car in NATO white, which attracted a lot of attention from visitors.

Our special event station, using call GB2FOT was active on the HF and VHF bands.

Club meetings to resume in August

We’re pleased to announce that monthly club meetings at the Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club will be resuming, with the first to be held on Monday 2nd August from 19:30 local. This meeting will be a “Natter Night” – come along for a chat and bring any lockdown projects you’d like to “show and tell”, or queries & calculations you have regarding the new ICNIRP regulations. Members are asked to take the necessary precautions, while the outside doors will be kept open in order to allow air circulation and allow members to stand both indoors and outdoors.

Gradual Return to “Normal”

With the easing of social restrictions activities at the society’s Beachy Head Radio Site will gradually resume to normal. Members who have had both vaccinations against Covid 19 or can show a recent Negative Lateral Flow Test result will be most welcome.

In order that we can properly plan contest and other events, members who are interested in participating or just visiting the site are, in the first instance, requested to make contact using the members FORUM. Our calendar shows the dates of most forthcoming events.

Next scheduled event is the 144 MHz / 432 MHz Low Power contests at BHRS over the weekend of 31st July 1st August.

RECEIVER R206 Mk.5 ZA33849

The R206 is a high grade intercept receiver covering 0.55-30 Mhz in six bands.

It would appear that the Mk.I version appeared towards the end of WWII with the Mk.II following later. Technical documentation such as EMERS are dated to around 1955.

This photograph is of the Mk.5 version which was recently acquired by G8DXU. No references to this version have yet been found. The front panel of this radio has been poorly repainted and the power socket perhaps replaced with and Octal socket! The Power supply No.33 was missing. Generally the internal circuitry appears to be complete and unmodified. It is intended to restore the receiver as sympathetically as possible.

Known versions of this receivers R206 Mk. I ZA14343

R206 Mk. II ZA24141

R206 Mk. 5 ZA33849

G8DXU would appreciate receiving any information or history on this Mk. 5 (V) version, which would appear to be quite rare.


This has started with a general inspection of the chassis and wiring, all appears good except for the Dial Speed adjustment which is seized.

The wires from the power socket were traced and the heater supply identified. On connecting a 12V DC supply the dial lamps and all heaters appeard to be working. Current demand being just inder 2 Amps with the Dial lamps switched On.

50 MHz Trophy Contest 19-20th June at BHRS

Several members got together to make a socially distanced entry in the above contest.

Fortunately there were some considerable Sporadic Es right from the start of the event which lasted until Sunday afternoon. We were treated to some extreemly strong signals from many European countries. Spain, France, Romania, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Sardinia, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Morocco & Malta being amongst some of the countries worked.

Having 400W pep available was certainly of assistance but such distant stations could often be worked with just the drive level of around 30W! Those attending BHRS had a real treat, in that there was not a single dull moment without being able to find stations at over 1400km. Our best Dx was 9H1PI in Malta at 1998km. Whilst our number of QSOs was 106 this was well short of the 400 plus reached by the leading contestants. Our final score of 11,978627 points was very satisfying and should give us a respectable place in the results.

This was a very satisfying event for the SARS contest team and hopefully will inspere us all to enter other events in the near future.

Physical meetings to resume soon

The club Committee has recently been in communication with Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club, our host for our regular meetings on the first Monday of every month. They are keen to have us return as soon as legally allowed, which means that if the current limits on indoor gatherings are indeed lifted on 19th July (the new date delayed from 21st June, as announced yesterday by the Government), we may well be able to hold a club meeting on Monday 2nd August. We hope that we’ll be able to confirm this in the days following Monday 19th July, at which point all members will receive an email notification of this. Fingers-crossed we can see you all soon!

D-Day 77th Anniversary, Sunday 6th June…… GB2SF

SARS members commemorated the 77th anniversary of D-Day over the weekend of 5-6th June at our Beachy Head radio site..

Special event call GB2SF (Sword Force) was aired on HF and VHF over the weekend.

Sword Force was the code name given to the military forces destined for Normandy which departed from this region of the southeast during operation Neptune. We also marked the importance of the then, new DECCA navigation system, that played a large part in providing accurate position fixing during the invasion. One of the DECCA Chain transmitters (Green lane C) was located near Beachy Head, possibly at the SARS radio site.

GB2SF was active on 2m FM as well as HF 80m / 40m LSB, 20m and 10m USB. We also made appearances on 3.615 MHz AM on Sunday morning and 1976 kHz AM (Top Band) with the WS19 Mk.III and Larkspur Station Radio C12.

Full report to follow either on this medium or our AirTime magazine in July.

Festival of Transport (FOT) Hellingly

The show is now officially ON and application forms have already been received by previous attendees. The society has already secured GB2FOT for use at the event with a respectable number of SARS members expressing an interest in exhibiting or helping.

Members who are attending with displays or operating our Special Event Radio Station are requested to keep an eye on our Forum for further information. It would be helpful if members leave their names and callsigns on the thread so that we can better plan our prersence at this great show.

Please consider attending and visiting the exhibits from your sociiety and or contacting us on air.