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Meetings on the Air

Club members operate on an assortment of bands. We’d love to work you on the air, even if you’re not a member! See below for information on the frequencies we’ll be monitoring and when.

Regular Club Nets

70cmFMOutput: 430.825 Mhz
Input: 438.425 MHz (+7.6 MHz)
Input tone: 88.5 Hz
Every Wednesday 1400 local timevia GB3ZX (Butts Brow) repeater
2m SSB (CW)144.060MHzEvery Wednesday 1900 UTCCW with G3AGF,  G4BJP

BHRS Activity Times for G1KAR/P

2mFM Calling145.500 MHz (S20)Monitored most Wednesday & Saturday afternoons 1500-1800
2mSSB Calling144.300 MHzTry this frequency if no response on S20
6mFM51.625 MHz, 25 kHz Aligned channelsThe main BHRS working channel often monitored when the station is active and on military shows and rally events as belowFor those with Clansman and compatible equipment
60mAM5.317 MHzAs aboveFull Licence holders with NOV for 60m
80mAM3.615 MHzVMARS Net, some Saturday Mornings from 0830, and at various times when station is open

Please see the calendar entries for Wednesdays, Saturday afternoon and weekend events. We frequently operate on HF and VHF bands both on and off of site. During the summer we often operate from military shows and historic vehicle events.  51.625 MHz FM / 3.615 MHz AM,  28.325 MHz USB and 1976kHz using USB for our members with military kit, being particular favourites.