Christmas Cumulative Contests, Results!

At last the results for SARS entry in the Christmas cumulative contests have now been published by the RSGB. We are very pleased to announce that the society callsign G1KAR/P operated by G8DXU, G1VGK, M6GVU & M6ONX achieved Second Place in the Open Section of this contest. This result was from operation on just the 144  & 50MHz bands. The society also gained the position of Band Runner-Up in the 50MHz section. 

Main operations on 50MHz Wednesday 28th of December were from our Beachy Head site, old but reliable Yaesu FT897. This was complimented with TE systems Linear Amplifier running 375 Watts pep output and five element Yagi beam for the main aerial. .


Pictured above is the societies youngest member Euan M6GVU who passed his Foundation examination with SARS in March 2016. Euan operated G1KAR/P very proficiently and will be a very welcome addition to the team at future contests.                                                                                

                         Weather during the contest period  was unusually calm and mild being ideal for deploying aerial masts with large arrays.

Our next contest event will be the 40m/80m AFS on Saturday the 14th of January between 1400-1800. The results of this contributing to the societies placing in the Super League. Our current placing being 17th out of 71 clubs.                                                                                                                      Photographs G4UPY