D-Day 77th Anniversary, Sunday 6th June…… GB2SF

SARS members commemorated the 77th anniversary of D-Day over the weekend of 5-6th June at our Beachy Head radio site..

Special event call GB2SF (Sword Force) was aired on HF and VHF over the weekend.

Sword Force was the code name given to the military forces destined for Normandy which departed from this region of the southeast during operation Neptune. We also marked the importance of the then, new DECCA navigation system, that played a large part in providing accurate position fixing during the invasion. One of the DECCA Chain transmitters (Green lane C) was located near Beachy Head, possibly at the SARS radio site.

GB2SF was active on 2m FM as well as HF 80m / 40m LSB, 20m and 10m USB. We also made appearances on 3.615 MHz AM on Sunday morning and 1976 kHz AM (Top Band) with the WS19 Mk.III and Larkspur Station Radio C12.

Full report to follow either on this medium or our AirTime magazine in July.