RECEIVER R206 Mk.5 ZA33849

The R206 is a high grade intercept receiver covering 0.55-30 Mhz in six bands.

It would appear that the Mk.I version appeared towards the end of WWII with the Mk.II following later. Technical documentation such as EMERS are dated to around 1955.

This photograph is of the Mk.5 version which was recently acquired by G8DXU. No references to this version have yet been found. The front panel of this radio has been poorly repainted and the power socket perhaps replaced with and Octal socket! The Power supply No.33 was missing. Generally the internal circuitry appears to be complete and unmodified. It is intended to restore the receiver as sympathetically as possible.

Known versions of this receivers R206 Mk. I ZA14343

R206 Mk. II ZA24141

R206 Mk. 5 ZA33849

G8DXU would appreciate receiving any information or history on this Mk. 5 (V) version, which would appear to be quite rare.


This has started with a general inspection of the chassis and wiring, all appears good except for the Dial Speed adjustment which is seized.

The wires from the power socket were traced and the heater supply identified. On connecting a 12V DC supply the dial lamps and all heaters appeard to be working. Current demand being just inder 2 Amps with the Dial lamps switched On.