Early April update

Our April monthly meeting and presentation given by Chris G4ZCS went very well and was enjoyed by all.

A big thank you from all present, goes out to Chris G4ZCS for his time and the knowledge he shared.

Chris spoke about sending and receiving QSL cards the old fashion way and then through new EQSL methods and about the currently available call logging software Logger32 that make the whole process considerably easier. He stressed though that some contest still require a card to be sent out through the normal channels.

Yet more sunny days up on the camp x site and its cooking is charcoal instead of cooking on charcoal time. Note the smoke effects.

BHRS 05-04-14 cookingsmOn the theme of smoke a BIG thank you goes out to a local company Seafire 2000 for their donation of two fit for purpose and approved fire extinguishers, for both of our shacks.


DSCN7995 smMore experiments with rigs and antennas and Andy M6GND tried out a dipole.

BHRS 05-04-14 asmall

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