Steven Burnand

As a lad I would collect old radio sets from the local rubbish tip and jumble sales. Then go back and plug them in. There were a few very loud bangs and I got shocks from a live chassis or two. Some theses old set’s had voltage running through the speaker and I found this out, in very much the same way. My enthusiasm grew as I repaired a few and I became hooked by the old glowing valves and listening to the short wave. I could here stations from all over the world, however some I could not tune in. Just down the road from Portland Road Gamley’s was GWM, so often, as a lad, I gravitated there. As Less had filled the place full of, old radios. I was 13 when I asked, what are those squawking sounds, on the sort wave and Less replied, radio hams. I then inquired how to listen to them and he suggested an AR88 with its BFO. My interests are still in the old equipment, although by trade I am a computer/network technician. I will be back on air soon, running a TS780S through a PC and an old faithful FT101ZD with the FM board fitted. My thanks go’s out, to all those that have helped me, get back on air again.

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Airbourne week

August, so far, has been a very busy month, with some great weather, up to the point of our towns yearly Air show Airbourne 2015. (Hence the spitfire above in this months site banner) Today the skies opened up and our town had one its largest deluges for some time with flooding throughout. However yesterdays …

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BBQ Club meeting

Monday evening was a hat trick for our radio club, after a weekend of camping and contesting up at our radio shack on the hill. Perhaps not as warm as the weekends weather, although staying mostly dry our BBQ evening had great attendance from club members and their family. I would like to pass on …

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Summer is here and its BBQ time!

Another update and reminder to all club members that it’s our clubs annual BBQ tomorrow evening and the full details can be found on our websites forum. If you have not received the details and wish to find out more use the website Contact Form or phone a member of the clubs committee. Summer is …

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July 2015 Club Meeting

Here is another short update and news report on our clubs activities and forthcoming events. This month clubs meeting was a bring and tell, that went remarkable well. Our club rooms have lots of tables, so they are ideal for such an event and members can lay out what they have brought along before the …

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Late June update

Here is another short update and a report of our participation in last Saturday’s 6m contest up at our Beachy site, where again a good time was had by all. The weather being June was warm and sunny and Henry 2E0IAK brought along an impressive 6m beam that was assembled, SWR checked and raised on …

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Mid June update

Its a late update this month, due to being busy on other projects, however June, so far, has been a very busy month for our radio club with lots going on. Our monthly meeting went very well, with a very good attendance once again and a display/explanation of a 3D printer by our local Maplins …

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Late May update

Time marches on and the month of May is living up to its name and it may be hot, it may be cold and it may be raining and may be sunny! Things are hotting up as the weather warms up and this months club meeting was very well attended with a fascinating glimpse back …

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Mid May update

Tonight at 7:30 – At our club rooms – The ENIGMA CODE talk. By an original member of the Bletchley Park team. See Monthly Meet for the details of our club rooms location. Here is an update on our Mills day event down at Polegate Windmill. Our club has been running this event yearly at …

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Early May update

A short update before our monthly club meeting on May 11th with a guest speaker from the Bletchley Park enigma team. See Monthly Meet for details on our club meeting rooms. Needless to say the original members of the Bletchley team are now thin on the ground and its a rare opportunity to listen to …

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Late April update

Summer is well on the way and this month the sparks were flying down at our club’s meeting rooms as you will see in the most shocking pictures below this article. Our outdoor activities are starting to take off, as those less hardy radio enthusiasts are coming out of their winter hibernation and daring to …

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