Later June update

Needless to say it’s been another active week here in SARS and the weather has been glorious up on the downs.

We fixed the luffing cable on the Tennamask and wound it up to the max as it was an almost wind free day.

Here is the antenna up against a clear blue sky. We will be testing out a cross polarized antenna over the coming week in preparation for some contesting.

If you fancy giving contesting a go drop a line through the contacts page…. HERE

Barry G8DXU and Andy M6GND seen here testing out a Wireless Set C12 made by PYE in 1955. This is the first of the Larkspur series radios, being an interim replacement for the WS19 whilst the new and true Larkspur units, Station Radio C13 and C11/R210 were in somewhat delayed production.

The C12 covers 1.6-10 MHz in two bands and produces about 6 Watts of good quality AM using high level Anode and Screen modulation. (See Articles section of web)

2M’s was active again and we worked several Welsh stations, Ireland and a few local stations on all modes.

More pictures to follow soon, so keep checking back.

If you are free, our club meeting is next Monday. The new club venue has ample seating and a very relaxed atmosphere…. So come on down.

See the details on the location. HERE.

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