Early August update

Last night’s club meeting went very well and Graham Somerville of BHI gave an interesting talk about the development of “Noise reduction systems” and their rang of products. Graham gave a demonstration at the end of the talk using one of our clubs radios and the results were astounding.

The year is flying by and next month it will be the Railways on Air event down at the Eastbourne Miniature Railway. We will be located outside to the right of the main entrance on the lawn.

Our clubs call sign will be GB0EMR

Check out Grahams website…. http://www.bhi-ltd.com/

My picture is a blurred, but will give you a feel of our meeting rooms.

club meeting

Its been another fun week out in the fields and up on the downs. Our club took part in the RSGB low power VHF contest.

This was a great practice run and good practice for those new to contesting, like myself.


In total we had 25 contacts throughout the UK and Europe.

Our closest contact being 65 miles away and the furthest contact being 369 miles.

It was odd hearing no other local clubs taking part in the contest and the conditions were generally quiet all around.

Having my first go at contesting, I can see how this could become very addictive and the time passed very quickly.

We had the usual fry up, with sausage, bacon an egg sandwiches all round and in addition, we sampled some WELL out of best before date, meals ready to eat, that said best before 1997!

We sampled some 10 year old malt whisky and I can honestly say this was the first time that the food I was eating was older than than the malt whisky I was drinking.

contest weekend onecontest weekend twoIf you are in to contesting our club will be doing more over the coming months and diversifying into more HF and DATA modes. The Beachy Head site is an excellent site for home brew antenna exploration and is noise free throughout all modes….

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