Early September update

This report is in retrospect as I wished to thank Jenny Clark for an excellent talk at this months club meeting and her live bat demonstration of the UK’s bats and their echo sounding abilities, using a bat monitor that was able to pick up the high frequency sounds.

It was a full house with all tables occupied and visitors from other clubs.
A big thank you goes out to all, for a great club attendance.

Jenny gives the same demo at the Natural History Museum and the leading agriculture shows throughout the year and YouTube videos of Jenny and the UK’s different bat species’s, can be found on line.

I have to say I found this is fascinating talk that will probably lead to some interesting projects on modifying a bat monitor.

Please support the bat group and look up their recommendations as over recent years there has been a 70% drop in the bat population throughout the UK.


batsLast week up at the beachy head site it was cables every where as we tested out multiple HF bands.

Barry G8DXU and Andy G6GND seen bellow getting tied up in knots as the wind catches the many HF aerials.

cablesMore long range VHF contacts were achieved running just over 20w through an old and faithful 1970’s J Beam and our 1980’s ICOM 271 with its MUTEC front end.

Many of the receiving stations were surprised when we report back that we are running just 20w.

Southdown will be taking part in this weekends contesting. If you are interested in giving this a non pressurized go, please contact us via the websites contact page.

Not forgetting that this month its the Tunbridge Wells and Southborough. West Kent Radio & Electronics Fair – 14th September.


Railways on Air is with us once again on the 27th and 28th of this month.


Southdown will be operating in grounds just outside of the main entrance, so there will be free parking and no entrance fees involved for those that wish to visit or take part.

Of course if you want to bring the children or grandchildren the miniature railway is a fun day out for all.

How to find us…. http://www.emsr.co.uk/howtofindus.aspx

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