Another Mid October update

Our Saturday trip up to the beachy shack went very well and the weather was warm enough to wear a t-shirt for best part of the day. We focused on the HF bands and a few local VHF contacts were made.

More photos from last weeks beachy experience. The first being of a rather impressive drone with the latest Sony fun cam strapped underneath.

drone one
This device has a built in GPS so when it looses connection with the control unit it will fly back to it’s start location.

drone two
The drone in flight with the sheep grazing below. This small drone went so far up into the sky it disappeared for a while and took photos of passing planes. (just kidding) It went up very high though.

We do diversify or diversifly from radio occasionally and have been known to do more rag chew than radio.

tuner radio
Here is the southdown equivalent of tuna tin radio, with all seats full in a packed out cabin.

Finally Tony G3ZQB making another long distance communication and wearing headphones to cope with the local QRM. The distances worked from this hill site are very impressive and they are achieved on a low wattage.

If you are interested in electronics and radio, come along and join our sociable club of like minded souls. See the joining and membership page or post a request through the contact page.

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