Early October update

If Carlsberg made radio clubs they probably would have made one like the Southdown Amateur Radio Society….


A new addition to the shack being the Carlsberg brass wall clock and barometer, found in most radio shacks, back in days gone by. The beer pump top with Carlsberg Export Larger on, was brought along by Barry G8DXU to add to that Carlsberg feel good factor.

Its been a busy month once again with a change of our clubs Airtime editor to Barry G8DXU and several new members joining.

Our radio shack has been as busy as ever and to celebrate the start of the chilly weather season; on one of our many opening days this month, we will be organizing a curry and radio session. Hopefully a mega hot chilli curry will be on the menu, along with mild curries and a vegetable curry option.

So if you are feeling a little curried away with yourself, poppadom down and join us up on the hill and remember to stand up wind.

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