Mid October update

And the beat goes on with yet another busy weekend and Wednesday up on the hill.

Henry 2E0IAK brought along one his of SEMI portable radios; see our BLOG for more details and we tucked into a LARGE meals ready to eat mince beef and onions, supplied by Henry, that Barry G8DXU with his cooking expertise, added some coconut milk and baked beans too and despite its despicable appearance, it tasted OK and dare I say many went back for seconds.



Above – Henry’s SEMI portable radio, now that’s an impressive piece of radio gear!

Our Wednesday meetup….

Our Wednesday meeting down at the Cafe Continental was VERY busy

and the owner kindly joined up several tables to seat our ever growing group that are meeting up for a wonderfully cooked meal/breakfast at very reasonable prices.

Again our hill site was very well attended and we worked several long distant stations on USB VHF, running the usual 20 to 30 watts through a 1970’s Jay Beam.

These meetups are great for a ragchew (chat) and they provide an opportunity to operate from a noise free remote location, that has excellent performance across all bands and modes of communication.

I have just come across some old newspaper clippings going back to the 60’s and I will be building the clubs archive in the members section, shortly, after these old clippings are scanned and made clearer to view.

If you have any old picture or articles on amateur radio based within the Eastbourne area, we would be most interested to including them within a presentation being prepared for our 50th anniversary year.

Perhaps you had a family member who was a radio enthusiast and a member of the local radio club in bygone days?

Contact me via our websites contact form if you can add to our by gone days collection.

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