Late December update

Just another small update, before a very positive and enjoyable year for our club and its members, comes to an end.

Here are a few more pictures from M6GND that were uploaded from his camera phone. There is a rare picture of myself, as I am normally behind the camera and out of camera shot.

Seen below: Dave G4XXM and Barry G8DXU listening to someone working the radio, after one of our mega fry ups.


Seen below: Is it a bird or is it a plane? No its just little old me, the website editor, sitting there under the camo netting and waffling on over the radio.


Seen below: Barry G8DXU repairing one of the cables. Barry is using a soldering iron, that is also useful for making single cups of tea. This could be a rumor, so do not try this at home.


Seen below: The camo netting and one of the holders. Standing under this and keeping very still, I saw several sheep close by.


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