Tom Rawlance G4MVN Silent Key

Steve G8NFZ has informed us that Tom G4MVN has passed away very recently. Tom was well known in the East Sussex Radio Amateur fraternity, he ran RAE classes for SARS in the 1980’s and many local amateurs have Tom to thank for their RAE success. Tom worked as a Radio Engineer for the Home Office Directorate of Telecommunications which became privatised and after several changes of ownership and name changes was run by the IBA as NTL.

Tom last visited a SARS meeting just over a year ago and talked about re-joining, at the time he was working on the roll-out of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

Many members will remember Tom very well for both his depth of knowledge and great sense of humour. On behalf of the Society we wish to pass on our heart felt condolences to his family and friends.

More details will follow when available.