Late October update

Our Wednesday meetings down at the Cafe Continental and Beachy site were very well attended with the cafe owner kindly extending our table and proving more seats for his excellent and amazing low priced food.

The Beachy site was packed once again and Barry G8DXU brought along and tested out some newly purchased test equipment, to show all those interested.

We have two empty benches on the site that members can bring their own rigs and equipment, along to be used up on site.

Below you will see Mike M6PDI having a go over the radio and talking with a G3 station. Our club’s atmosphere is very relaxed, so getting to grips and having a go with the equipment and protocol becomes fun, rather than a challenge.

Our longest distance communication for the day made by Barry G8DXU was EI3KD county Cork locator IO51vw. This contact turned out to be an impressive 376.1 miles!

Again working conditions from this site were excellent with a slight lift on and stronger signals being received off of the test beacons we check at the start of each operation.

mike and G3
Seen above, Mike M6PDI having one of his first QSO’s since passing his M6 license, speaking with a G3 station.

test eq 3
Seen above, Graham G6MAR in the blue jacket, Richard SWL without Baxter (fetcher of sticks) sitting behind him and Henry 2E0IAK and Tony G3QZB by the door.

Graham AndyH

Seen above Andy M6GND and Graham G6MAR discussing data mode.

Light on laptop

Seen above, the laptop batteries were low and Andy M6GND turned the brightness down, however Henry 2E0IAK is always prepared and he provides extra light with a £2 led light!

rag chew
Seen above, Agnes M6MEU, Tony G3ZQB, Henry 2E0IAK and myself having our twice weekly rag chew. Mike M6PDI, Graham M6MAR, John G4JHD, Barry G8DXU, Andy M6GND and Richard are out of camera shot.

andy software
Andy M6GND and Henry 2E0IAK installing some software controlled radio program.

Our club is a friendly one and has a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in Amateur Radio and/or electronics why not come and join us all in this very absorbing and social hobby….

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