Early November update

Our Satruday’s session up at the Beachy site went very well and a good time was had by all.

Satruday’s meeting was more HAM than RADIO, with a massive fry up of food, that took a while to cook up and eat. Chef of the day was Barry G8DXU and the food was well cooked.

Tom brought along some freshly laid eggs from his chickens and our rolls and sandwiches were SUPER doorstep size!

Even Baxter had table manners and chewed his food well.

Copious tea and coffee followed and our shack went into a sociable ragchew mode. We put up the 2m beam and the signals from the beacons were strong and the 10m band was open, with American hams making the trip across the pond.

Andy M6GND spoke with Tom and Richard on data-mode and Barry G8DXU and Dave G4XXM explored some test equipment.

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