Mid May update

Tonight at 7:30 – At our club rooms – The ENIGMA CODE talk. By an original member of the Bletchley Park team.

See Monthly Meet for the details of our club rooms location.

Here is an update on our Mills day event down at Polegate Windmill.

Our club has been running this event yearly at the Polegate Windmill, for the past 25 years and this years turn out was the best for many years.

I feel that this is partly due to our new operating position within the dinning room of the windmill, that has better lighting and ample seating for all. Could be the tea and all that homemade cake as well.

A big thank you goes out to the Mill staff and to all those that operated and visited us throughout the day. I counted over twenty, including the club members seen below. I am sorry if we missed you out in the pictures and if you took any pictures of your own, please can you share?

If I could sum the day up it would be, mills ready to meet.

Here are some pictures below of a good time had by all.

Below: From the right of the back row…. John G3DQY (who organizes this event) Tony G3ZQB (our chairman) Dave G4XXM (Hamjoint) Simon G4BJP… From the left front row…. Ian M0WG0, Henry 2E0IAK, Richard M6EYO, Dave G0UAI



Below: The same as above, with a strange looking person holding a walking stick in the picture.


Below: Morris dancers Polgate Windmill


Below: Morris Dancers Polgate Windmill


Below: An adaption of the Stone Cross Windmill Morris Dance, called the Polegate Windmill Morris Dance.


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